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EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation is a backup and recovery solution
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EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation is a backup and recovery solution. As its name suggests, it was designed to work on Workstations rather than on Servers. EASEUS has a separate app for Windows Servers. I downloaded the free 15-day trial to evaluate this program, and although most of the functionality is available, there are a few features that the trial version didn't let me try first hand. One of those is "Snapshots", which I always take, as it allows you to save the state of your computer and restore it in the future.

The main features and those that I was able to test are the following, as shown in the main window: Backup, Recovery, Schedule Backup and Clone. The first one is perhaps the most important one. It allows you to create a full backup of your system. You can use it to backup the entire computer or a selected hard drive or partition. You can also backup specific files and folders. Everything that you backup can be later recovered via the second option: Recovery. The application seems to use image files to store your backups, and you recover your files by loading those image files with EASEUS Todo Backup Workstation.

There is also support for scheduled backups, which allow you to set your backups to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or one time only, or whenever the system is started, shut down, a user logs in or off.

The last feature is what is called "Clone". It basically creates a perfect (exact) copy of your hard disk or partition, which you can later restore. Another feature that is connected with this Clone feature somehow is called "Universal restore". It basically allows you to restore your backup to a new computer with a different hardware configuration. I can't say how it works because I didn't test it, but it sounds like a good feature to have.

In my testing, I backed up my "My documents" folder and restored it to the same location and to a new location. I didn't encounter any problems with that task. I found the program to be intuitive and it was fast during my time with it. I like that it has an almost fully-functional trial that you can use to test its performance.

José Fernández
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